"Circuit Breaker" Ballet Exercise #1 (Barre & Centre for Beginner & Level 1)

9 April 2020

Barre Exercise #1 (Beginner & Level 1)

09 Apr 2020

Music for Warm-up

Plie (knees over toes):
Music for Plie

Battement Tendu & Jete (toes remain on floor throughout for Tendu):
Music for Tendu & Jete

Battement Fondu (Keep weight on ball of foot throughout exercise):
Music for Fondu

Rond de Jambe par Terre:
Music for Rond de Jambe par terre

Cool Down:
Music for Cool Down

~ End of Ballet Barre Exercise #1 ~

Centre Exercise #1 (Beginner & Level 1)

08 May 2020

Centre Battement Tendu

Centre Battement Jete

Centre Battement Pique

Centre Fondu

Advanced Options (for Level 1 ONLY):

~ End of Centre Exercise #1 ~

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