Reading and Viewing Pleasure

25 January 2022



  1. The War Angel Who Saved Ballet (tragically forgotten until now)
  2. History of Ballet
  3. Ballet (Style, Methodology and Costume)
  4. Pointe Shoe (Background and Evolution)
  5. Ballet Costume History
  6. Agrippina Y. Vaganova
  7. Agrippina Vaganova: RUSSIAN BALLERINA
  8. Turnout (Myth, Truth and Exercise to improve turnout)
  9. When and How You Should Be Stretching Throughout Your Dance Day
  10. Why The Australian Ballet dancers quit stretching
  11. Why Adult Ballet Students Should Be Taken Seriously (highlighted by Kammy Poon)
  12. How the Choreography of Jerome Robbins Shaped Ballet and Broadway
    Jerome Robbins – a creative giant of his times (highlighted by Michael Wong)


  1. Engaging Your Turnout from the Inside Out
  2. How to Improve your Turnout and Hip Rotation (adult ballet dancers)
  3. Why Ballet is Brilliant | Georgia Canning | TEDxHelensvaleLibrary (highlighted by Ruth Sim)
  4. 6 Ballet Hairstyles | High & Low Bun, EASY French Twist + Giselle/Juliet/Sugarplum by Kathryn Morgan
  5. Sylvie Guillem: short documentary
  6. Swan Lake by Kirov Ballet (made into a movie in 1968 and was shown in Singapore Cinemas)