Class Timetable

Effective 17 Jan 2022

All Dance Classes Optional Mask-On
BUT Full Mask-On when in premise.

Day Morning Afternoon Night
Mon 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Level 3

9:10pm - 10:10pm
Tue 7:00pm - 8:00pm

8:15pm - 9:45pm
Level 2
Thu 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Sat 10:30am - 12:00pm
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Sun 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Level 1

Technique Class Pre-requisites and Progression

Class Level Requirements
Code: FN
None. This is the Most Important Class in our school as it introduces all the barre exercises in French with explanation on its meaning and how to effectively execute each step. How to find your true turn-out; what muscles to use and initiate a movement for each individual step. You'll be given the "tools" of ballet foundation to help you move to the next and succeeding levels which includes the 8 Directions of the Body and Vaganova's 4 Port de Bras. This is an introductory class, not a technique class. Steps taught here will be applied at Beginner Level 2 to perfect them. Each lesson is a stepping stone to the next. Hence, it Must be taken as a whole course of 10 lessons. No Single Tryout Lesson available.
Beginner Preparatory
Code: BP
This is a New class created to ease students from Foundation Class into the current ongoing Beginner classes. Steps taught at Foundation Class are reinforced and elaborated here. Some specifics like counting or phrasing music, tips on how to remember or execute certain combinations, etc will be included where needed. This class is only offered on a need-to basis.
Code: B
Completed Foundation or Beginner Preparatory Class or have at least completed 1-2 years of beginning ballet with no lapse of training in between. Must have good fundamental knowledge of all the steps at the barre and know them in French as well as the 8 Directions of the Body. Students will be perfecting what they have learned in Foundation Class to prepare them for Level 1. Progression from one level to another is up to the instructor's discretion.
Level 1
Code: L1
Have at least 2 or more years of ballet training (based on minimum 3 technique classes a week) with good working knowledge of 8 Directions of the body, detourne turns, beats and jumps: saute, changement, royale, entrechat trois and quatre, all types of glissade, sissonne, assemble, petit jete and single pirouette.
Level 2
Code: L2
Previous Level requirements + Able to execute single pirouettes consistently, finishing it cleanly and working towards double pirouettes, entrechat cinq, sissonne double, temps de cuisse.
Level 3
Code: L3
Previous Level requirements + Able to execute double pirouettes consistently & working towards triple, entrechat six & sept, brise, renverse, grand fouette entournant.
Level 4
Code: L4
Previous Level requirements + Able to execute enchainement thoughtfully and masterfully, gargouillade, fouette pirouettes en dedans and en dehors.

Pointe Class Pre-requisites and Progression

Pointe Class Level Requirements
Pre-Pointe Must be current students of Ballet51 for 2 Full Terms in levels 1-4 without any lapse in between.
This class introduces exercises for turn-out, legs, feet and toes to prepare them for pointe work. Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe is taught, how they are made and how to choose the correct fit for your feet.
No actual pointe work is done in this class. Assessment will be given towards end of term to ascertain readiness of student for pointe work. This class is only open on a need-to basis.
Approved students will then proceed to Pointe Beginner Class.
Pointe Beginner 1. Have gone through Pre-Pointe Class AND
2. Have attained Ballet51's Technique Level 1 proficiency.
3. Enrolment Only upon instructor's assessment and approval.
4. Not to be taken by itself. This class must be taken simultaneously with another full-term technique class.
1st day of class will be a field trip to a dance shop to fit pointe shoes.
Pointe 1. Attended Pointe Beginner for 2 years with no lapse in training in between.
2. Continues from where Pointe Beginner left off with concentration on balances in all poses, hops en pointe, pirouettes, etc.
3. Not to be taken by itself. This class must be taken simultaneously with another full-term technique class.