My deepest gratitude and unreserved thanks to:

All my ballet teachers who have in one way or another groomed me to be the dancer and teacher that I am today, mainly Mdm Lim Fei Shen (my 1st Ballet Teacher who laid the foundation of ballet for me and especially about being quick to find my balance) and Miss Goh Soo Khim who is pivotal in my growth as a dancer, a performing artist and for your encouragement to try teaching even in the earlier stage of my training, and then sending me off with a scholarship to study at the Washington School of the Ballet of which I’m deeply grateful. Your names are now “immortalised” in this website under “Ng Kin Wee” page.

Ms Carole Ann Morrison of The Ninth State Movement Complex, USA for your invitation to teach at your school, friendship and support.

YMCA of Singapore
We have closed a chapter with YMCA after 14 years (1998 – Jan 2012). I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to all staff at YMCA for your un-relentless support, help, friendship plus the fond memories and laughter we shared!

Practice Performing Arts School, Singapore (PPAS) for your kind permission in allowing me to post the photos.
It is with regret that we closed a chapter at PPAS. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to all staff at PPAS for your kind support, encouragement and help these 5 years (Feb 2006 – Jun 2010). It is my privilege and honour to be associated with the legends.

Singapore Ballet Academy (SBA) for allowing me to rent your studio space in my first venture to start my own school in 2012 and for being so accommodating in many areas during my time there (Jan 2012 - Jul 2020).
Unfortunately, COVID-19 made it difficult to continue with the space restrictions imposed for all dance schools. With that, we are "forced" to close a beautiful chapter with SBA and all the wonderful memories of meeting my own teacher, Miss Goh Soo Khim, and my senior, Mr Han Kee Juan, every once in a while. I will miss the exchanges we had at the hallway before and after class. A BIG Thank You to you and your staff for being so welcoming!

Ms Katy Cheong for your invitations to teach in KL, garnering the ballet schools together, your friendship and wise counsel.

Mr Ker Ban Hing for giving me the rare opportunity to rehearse and dance in your choreography, "Trapped", and the liberty to use the dance photos taken during my performance with Theatre Arts Troupe in this website. It is used here at "Ng Kin Wee" page.

Students of Ballet51 Dance Studio for allowing your pictures to be taken without which this webpage would be less interesting.

Mr Raymond Ng for your valuable time, photographic and web programming & design expertise in the wonderful class photos taken at Ballet51 and for re-designing the new website you are seeing now.