!!! NEWS FLASH !!!

  1. With the current fluid situation regarding COVID-19 pandemic, tightening & easing of SMM,
    Do update yourself at our online calendar.
    It has the latest updates before students are informed.
    Take care, Stay Home and Stay Safe everyone!

  2. From 3 May 2021 onwards:
    Safe Entry Check-in will be done via TraceTogether Token or App.
    You'll still need to take your own temperature.
    Stay safe always.

  3. We have port over our School's communication Solely to Telegram.
    If you use WhatsApp, it will Not be read and we are not responsible for any lack or miscommunication in the process.
    Do download this free app (Telegram) in your phone.
    Message(s) to All Students will be relayed via our Studio's Telegram Private Channel. This Channel is for Current Registered Students Only.

Check Your Attendance for Current Term only

Updated on Monday @2:00 pm (on weeks that we have classes).
Fill in your email address and receipt number and click SUBMIT.

For Your Reading & Viewing Pleasure…..

  1. The War Angel Who Saved Ballet (tragically forgotten until now)
  2. History of Ballet
  3. Ballet (Style, Methodology and Costume)
  4. Pointe Shoe (Background and Evolution)
  5. Ballet Costume History
  6. Agrippina Y. Vaganova
    Agrippina Vaganova: RUSSIAN BALLERINA
  7. Turnout (Myth, Truth and Exercise to improve turnout)
    Engaging Your Turnout from the Inside Out (video)
    How to Improve your Turnout and Hip Rotation (adult ballet dancers) (video)
  8. How the Choreography of Jerome Robbins Shaped Ballet and Broadway
    Jerome Robbins – a creative giant of his times (highlighted by Michael Wong)
  9. Why Adult Ballet Students Should Be Taken Seriously (highlighted by Kammy Poon)
  10. Why Ballet is Brilliant | Georgia Canning | TEDxHelensvaleLibrary (highlighted by Ruth Sim)