2023 Term 1 Registration is now Open!

Term Duration: 02 Jan - 09 Apr 2023

Class Fees

Effective 17 Jan 2022. Price quoted in Singapore Dollars.

Class Type Fee per Term
(S$ via PayNow)
Credit Card Payment^
Foundation Class (1 hour per lesson)
+++ The Most Important Class you will ever take.
No pro-rating or Single Lesson.
New Student Discount available. See below.
$250 for 10 lessons
(New Student Only.)
Normal Fee: $260
(New Student Only.)

Normal Fee: ^$270
All other Classes (1.5 hours per lesson)
New Student & Early Bird Discount available. See below for details.
$260 for 10 lessons ^$270
Pointe Class (1 hour per lesson)
Must be taken in tandem with another Technique Class within the same term and approved by our Principal Instructor.
No Exceptions.
Not Applicable for Single Lesson.
Not Applicable for Any discount(s) other than Early Bird Discount.
$260 for 10 lessons
(Discounted from $310.00)
Single Lesson
Not Applicable for Foundation & Pointe Class
Will be pro-rated if decide to continue with:
-- Full-Term enrolment or
-- take a total of 5 or more lessons.
Continued lessons must be completed within the Same Term.
$28 per lesson ^$30
Special Rate for:
>> Dance Practitioner
       Full-time Dance Teacher / Dancer only
         Letter of employment or website evidence needed.

>> Full-time National Serviceman
       SAF 11B verification needed

Note: Special Rate Not applicable for further discount.
$23 per lesson /
$230 for 10 lessons

^coming soon. Fees are estimates.

Discounts For Full-Term Enrolment Only

Effective 17 Jan 2022. Last revision 1 Jan 2020.

Early Bird Discount

$10 off per Class Level if payment is made within the Early Bird Registration period.
This Discount will be applied FIRST before any other discount.
Check out our online calendar for Early Bird Registration Date.

New Student One-Time Discount

A One-Time S$10.00 discount for all New students enrolling for the Full Term.

Multi-class Discount

Applies Only to Same Category classes like multiple Technique classes or multiple Pointe classes.
Does not apply to Single Lesson, Special Rates or Pro-rated Fee payments.

Referral Discount

To get a Referral Discount (S$10.00 per student), just introduce a New Student to register for a full-term. For example: If he/she paid full-term for Term N, you will get the One-time Referral Discount on your Next full-term fee payment, i.e. for Term N+1.

Note: Referral Discount will only be applied to your Next following full-term payment.
If there is a lapse in term enrolment or enrolment is transferred to next term, the Referral Discount is void and cannot be brought forward.
If your friend quits halfway or his/her fees were refunded (for whatever reason), then the Referral Discount is void.

Pro-Rate Class Fee

Pro-rating is available for one-transaction payment of 5 or more lessons within the Same term.
For more details, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, Item #16.

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