Dance Area Student Lounge

Studio Rental / Lease


Our Studio is located at 544A Serangoon Road (2nd Storey), right above Bruno's Bistrot/Pizzeria & Grill.
It is 3-4 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT (NE8) and City Square Mall.
See Location details here.

Rental is for the whole premise (dance studio + student lounge).
The whole area is 194.1 sqm / 2,089.28 sqft.
Dance studio is longish as it is renovated from a shophouse.
Effective dance area is approx. 95 sqm / 1,023 sqft.
The whole premise is monitored by CCTV. Do not handle their switches in any way.
The Wi-fi Router is For Internal Use Only.

Air-conditioning, lights, sound system and 1 electrical extension with 5 outlets are included in rental.
Wall electric sockets are Not for charging own devices other than for the purpose of rental.
Hirer and participants found not complying will either be charged S$100.00 on top of rental fees per day or have the rest of their rental forfeited, if applicable.

Please indicate in Studio Rental Query Form (below) if you need to use the wall electrical socket(s), limited solely for the purpose of the rental.
Each wall electrical socket used is charged at S$5.00 per day.

Dance Studio includes:

Student Lounge includes:

Rental Purpose

Only Ballet and Contemporary Dance classes / rehearsals / workshops are allowed to be conducted here with proper ballet slippers, pointe shoes or socks.
Absolutely No sneakers, No rosin allowed on dance mat.

NO Food allowed in the premise. Only water can be consumed in Student Lounge area.

Hirer is responsible for the upkeep of the whole place including throwing your own trash.
Antibacterial wipes for barres and cleaning liquid with mops for dance floor are provided for after-session wipe-down / clean-up.

** Note: Mopping the dance floor after use is Mandatory if activities involve floor work, bare feet/hands/body in contact with dance mat.

Rental Rates & Time Slots

Rental rate: S$60.00 an hour for dual space usage.
Maximum capacity: 18 pax
Minimum booking: 1 hour
Booking days: Mon - Fri
(No slots available at Nights, Weekends, Studio Breaks or Public Holidays unless with expressed permission from Ballet51 Dance Studio on a case-by-case basis.)
Booking slots: . 10:00am - 12:00pm
. 12:30pm - 2:30pm
. 3:00pm - 5:00pm

If booking for 4 or more hours per day, there is a discount of 10%.
Please indicate it in the Studio Rental Query Form below.

Rental Policy

Download to read our Studio Policy to familiarise yourself and avoid any future misunderstanding.
Noncompliance to School & Studio Policies are liable for booking(s) to be cancelled or forfeited without compensation.

Booking Form

If you're interested to rent the studio from us or have any other queries,
please fill in our Studio Rental Query Form and we'll get back to you soon.

Studio Viewing (By Appointment Only)

Viewing slots:
(On days when we have classes.)
Mon or Tue in 30min-slots:
(Afternoons Only.)

- 2:00pm
- 2:30pm
- 3:00pm
- 3:30pm

Please Check here the date we're open and then
explicitly request for it with Date & Time-slot
at our Contact Form.